The BDT should be bathed only on an “as-needed” basis.  If brushed well, they will not need to be bathed often as bathing strips the dog of valuable skin oils.  A bath every two months should therefore be adequate. 

Puppy hair needs to be brushed regularly. One must especially watch for tangles between the toes and clipped if found. Hair that grows too long over the eyes should also be trimmed. 

When the adult coat starts to grow, and the puppy hair falls out, loose hairs often get stuck in the new coat and can cause tangles, especially in the neck. These are difficult to remove, especially if the real coat gets  longer. 

Hair should be brushed well down to the skin, working from the legs upwards.  If this is too difficult, they should be shaved  to 1-1 ½ inches (7F clipper). Because the  Barbado does not shed, hair should be trimmed when it gets too long. Trimming for summer is not needed as the undercoat takes care of the heat. They need to be brushed at least weekly to ensure that hair is not matted and that twigs and burrs are removed. 

Their nails should be checked every few weeks and trimmed as needed. Many have back dew claws that need to be trimmed.

Ears should be checked once a week and cleaned as needed. Hair inside the ear may be removed with ear powder but should not be cut. Their teeth should be brushed regularly.